Lavender – it’s essential!

Looking for Lavender Essential Oil that is not only pure, but isn’t cut with carrier oils or added liquids that cut the naturally occurring Linalyl Acetate? The scent! It is strong and real with this one. So impressed, can ya tell??😻😻


@newyorkbiology sent me this to test, along with a few more things that I will be rounding up to review on my blog in a couple of weeks, and I was so happy to hear from them, I have used their cosmetics before (girls, and guys, if retinol bothers you, try using it on your neck and chest at night, be sure to wear sunscreen the next day, even my wimpy sensitive skin looks dramatically different) so this is just a little tease, are ya tingling yet? (Where is that one eyebrow raised emoji?? 😸)


In the meantime, check New York BiologyΒ out!
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