New York Biology Retinol and Eye Lash Serum Review


I love when I see vitamin A (Retinol) paired with hylauronic acid, this product has both plus more that promotes the turnover of cells while providing much needed moisture. This helps tremendously with any sensitivity you might have with Retinol.

This is FDA approved, made in the US and is guaranteed, hard to beat that!

No scent! yay!!



First off, we have to talk about the packaging. The clear cap removes and it’s as simple as pushing on the top to get the perfect amount in one pump to take care of your needs, the germaphobe in me loves this, I really hate open containers as I have gotten older and wiser, hah! Older for sure! It makes a tidy and sleek product on my vanity.



I have super sensitive and rosasea prone skin, but like a lot of us, I have neglected my neck in my quest for a wrinkle free existence! Why do we do that? This is perfect for the neck and decollete area. I have lost quite a bit of weight slowly over the last 10 years and one place that really needs firming and help is my neck.

Since I have been using this I have seen a nice improvement in the texture of the skin and a slight tightening effect that I can only assume will get better the longer I use this product. I have a couple of scars on my upper chest area from surgery that I have noticed don’t appear as prominently as before, and the skin on my decolletage is smooth, firm and very even in color, a very nice benefit!



Here I am in my 50’s just learning to apply false lashes, gone are the long lashes of my youth, taken away by age and rounds of chemotherapy, I have lashes, just short and sparse, so I am always on the lookout for something, anything, that will make my lashes thicker and longer..

I may have found it, a few more weeks of use will tell the tale, but coming in at three weeks of twice daily use, I am seeing new lashes growing, yup I have to look real close with my magnifying mirror but they are there! As with any eye lash or brow serum, you have to take into account that the serum is there to help you retain the lashes you already have, to nourish them and make them less prone to breakage, and to encourage the growth of new lashes, which takes a few weeks to grow out to your natural length.


One of the reasons we have sparse and short lashes is genetic, but sometimes it’s because we wear, as I do, waterproof mascara, which at removal, if you don’t properly prepare your lashes by pre-soaking them with an oil based remover, can easily cause the breakage or loss of a lash. and depending on genetics and environmental hazards like mascara, a lash can take from 6 weeks to 6 months to grow to full length. Whoa, right? No wonder our lashes are sparse.

This serum from New York Biology has some great ingredients, peptides, stem cells, and botanical ingredients to help prevent inflammation It’s free of parabens, alcohol, sulfates and is cruelty free made right here in the USA. They offer a 100% guarantee, that’s hard to beat! This did not sting my eyes or interfere with my makeup application after it had dried.

No this is not Latisse or some other ultra expensive prescription or highly acclaimed product, but it also won’t break your budget or turn your blue eyes brown! Any product you use to enhance your lashes you will need to be prepared to use consistently, every day, and don’t give up because you can’t see the result in a month, remember 6 weeks to 6 months!


Both products can be found on Amazon:

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#AntiAging  *I was provided these for review purchases, no promises or compensation was exchanged*



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