Review of Saginizer Makeup Organizer


I am so happy with my Saganizer new makeup organizer. I have looked at these type organizers before but when reading the reviews it was obvious that they were made from inexpensive materials and I just could not justify spending hundreds of dollars for an organizer for the top of my vanity.

This acrylic organizer is sturdy, the drawers pull out easily and the drawers are lined with a non slip material that makes it easier to arrange your makeup. I like the drawer pulls, they are inconspicuous and are easy to use, even with my long nails. I dropped this twice and it didn’t crack, not sure what would happen on hard wood floors, I have carpet, but I thought that was an indication that this little unit would stand up to the abuse I will give it!


The size should be noted when ever you purchase and organizer, large is not all that big, but it is sufficient to hold your daily use items on your vanity (well if you are a makeup obsessed person like me you have your make up collection tucked away in Alex drawers) It has room for brushes on the top half. Oh I forgot to mention it is two sections, the bottom half has two full drawers and two half drawers, and the top has the lipstick slots, room for brushes, foundation, etc.




The unit stacked is about 8 inches high and 10 inches wide and 6 inches deep. Small enough to fit on a vanity or dresser, but large enough to hold what you need on a daily basis.

This could be used for jewelry or craft supply storage as well. Being clear I could imagine it would be very useful for either. It is especially nice that it is in two parts, giving you a lot of flexibility on how you want to arrange your items.


If you would like one for yourself, they run $18 on sale, which is almost always, for the money I think you are getting a quality product.  Now I need a matching one for the other side of my vanity, symmetry ya know! (any excuse right? hehe)


*I was provided this for free for testing purposes, no positive review was asked for nor promised.


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