New Makeup brushes make me purr!




Always excited to try new tools here in my little world, and I was approached by Beauty Lally to review their cruelty free synthetic brushes I jumped at that chance!  As you can see, they come in a very sturdy PU container, with snap closure, for travel and or storage, and a cute mirror compact with one side magnified, always nice to have to toss in the purse or luggage!


There are 10 brushes, labeled for function, including eye brushes and a nice angled brush that you could use for gel liner or brow products. The shadow brushes have just the right amount of give.  Traditionally I prefer cream products with my synthetic brushes and I found that to be the case here as well, but I Admit to being very impressed with the quality of these synthetic brushes.


As you can see from the close up of this facial brush, they are very nicely dense.

This is a fantastic starter set if you are looking for quality at a good price to start your collection.  The handles on these are a bit short compared to some brands, but I find that perfect for buffing in cream product.

Get yours today at Amazon at

*disclaimer: I was provided these free in exchange for my views, no positive feedback was promised nor asked*


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