Blue Skies

This review is for the Blue color Crown Coast Wind Hero Pro Umbrella.


My experience with this umbrella has been great, with only one con, I found it to be a bit easy to hit the open/close button, and since it opens extremely fast you can imagine the surprise!

The blue is a gorgeous color and they have a plethora of other saturated colors. I actually used my blue umbrella as a sun umbrella yesterday and it was sufficiently deep in color to shade me.

I found the fact that it has a lifetime guarantee as a huge bonus, we go through umbrellas around here a lot, my husband is very rough on his umbrellas, matter of fact the pictures show him using the umbrella, he is 6ft 2in and about 200 lbs so that might give you a bit of reference for scale.


This thing opens FAST, and closes fast as well, I did find it a bit stiff when doing the final closure motion (hand on top and bottom after hitting close button, push together) but that I would imagine will get looser as time goes by.

I could not adequately test the wind claims, as we just have not had any high winds in the last month. I did try to manually force it to collapse like the wind would, normally an easy thing to do on my other compact umbrellas and could not get it to turn wrong side out.

This is the typical size compact umbrella, the handle is a nice velvety silicon touch, it has a loop for hanging and of course a matching cover, which I must admit, that I never use the covers, by the time the umbrellas are dry I forget!


I am enjoying the Crown Coast umbrella and I will not hesitate to use my replacement guarantee if I should even need to.

I did receive this at a discount for testing, but no positive review was asked for nor would I ever feel obligated to provide one, I depend on reviews for my many (way too many) purchases too.


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