Start me up Catt!




It’s the weekend!!!! Hope everybody is having a great one.  I was lucky enough to be to try out a new cocktail shaker this weekend and, I am a happy Catt about right now *meow* !

Shikshook makes a beautiful, high quality stainless steel Cocktail Shaker that is suitable for gifting, but  ummm yeah I’m keeping it!  It is a really pretty set and perfect for my own favorite cocktail, recipe below:

Catt’s Start me Up Catt Cocktail:

1 part White Rum

1 part Vodka

1/2 part Lime

3 parts Cherry Sparkling Energy Drink (watermelon, strawberry limeade, red bull all work really well.

hmmm more parts that make sense, but ummm, sorry already drinking it!

shake it up over ice in the cocktail mixer and strain it out into the vessel of your choice, garnish it with some cherries on top (or what ever works with your blend) and you are amped up and ready to go! rrrrrrraaaarrrrrrrr…meorrrrrwwwwww!


a little about the product:

This comes tightly packed into a box, and inside is where the magic starts, or well perhaps that starts later, at the drinking part, but I digress! It comes in a beautiful velvet drawstring bag with the logo and name engraved. Each part is individually wrapped so that the high quality stainless steel is not scuffed in transit, highly appreciated!

It comes with two bottle toppers, for those of us that like to wing it, and a double sided jigger for the more precise among us. the parts fit together perfectly. To say I’m enjoying this might be an understatement!

The stainless steel is nice and thick gauge materials and the set I received was perfect, not a defect in workmanship to be found.

You also receive by mail a recipe E book and the perks and warranty is impressive! The follow up for your satisfaction can’t be beat as well and is much appreciated.

As you can see, I am already using mine as I type this!

remember #SHIKSHOOK look for them on Facebook and purchase this set on Amazon.

Happy Weekend!




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